Thank you Dr. Ramasamy for your reminder to deliver on Pakatan Harapan’s GE14 Manifesto Promises

Media Statement by Dr. Ong Kian Ming, Member of Parliament for Bangi and Assistant National Director for Political Education for the Democratic Action Party (DAP) on the 1st of July, 2019

In my speech on the 28th of June, 2019 at the launch of the IDEAS 2nd Project Pantau Report card, I asked the public to continue reminding Pakatan Harapan of our GE14 Manifesto promises so that we will continue to feel the pressure of delivering on our promises before the next general election. I also mentioned that one of the most vocal groups of people in reminding the government of our GE14 Manifesto promises is our PH backbenchers through various internal channels. I failed to mention that some of our own state assembly representatives (ADUNS) are equally vocal in their reminders, albeit through more public channels.

I would like to thank Deputy Chief Minister of Penang, Dr. Ramasamy of his latest reminder that it is “not too late to deliver on PH’s election promises!” published on his Facebook page.[1] As much as I appreciate Dr. Ramasamy’s reminder, it would have been a more constructive note if he could have systematically gone through the very detailed report card produced by IDEAS which evaluated the progress which Pakatan Harapan had made on 224 sub-promises found in the manifesto[2] instead of merely responding to a headline in a Malaysiakini article.[3] His Facebook note does not do justice to the extensive work done by IDEAS and the fact that IDEAS statement on the ‘unrealistic’ promises found in the manifesto was directed at a SMALL number of promises namely the target of 1 million affordable houses in 10 years and setting the income contingent level of PTPTN loan repayment to start at RM4000 per month.

In addition, his statement that “more than one year have elapsed since PH’s takeover of the federal government but little has been done to implement the election promises made” is simply wrong. IDEAS own study shows that 30% of the 224 sub-promises have either been implemented or are on track[4] The achievements by the one year old PH government include the “rapid abolition of GST, significant new support to SMEs and an ambitious plan to reduce corruption and reform public procurement”[5] which led IDEAS to conclude that “all in all, the government can be proud of the achievements it has made in its first year”.

This does not mean that the PH government can rest on our laurels. There is much more work which needs to be done and many top PH leaders, including the Prime Minister, have iterated our commitment to deliver on our GE14 manifesto promises, either fully or in some cases, partly.

I have delivered on my promise made during the speech at the IDEAS public forum to ensure that each PH MP receives a copy of the IDEAS Projek Pantau 2nd report card. I trust that many of our backbenchers will use this document as ONE of the reference points to keep the PH government accountable to our manifesto promises. I hope that others such as Dr. Ramasamy can continue to give constructive feedback to the government so that we can deliver an even better report card to the voters in the next four years prior to GE15.





[5] Summary of Overall Performance, pg.5, Projek Pantau 2nd Report Card.