The Review Of The National Automotive Policy Is Still Ongoing And Has Not Been Finalized Yet


I refer to the tweet by YB Khairy Jamaluddin, Member of Parliament of Rembau, yesterday (26th of March 2019) with a screenshot of the ongoing Review of the National Automotive Policy (NAP) and the highlighting of the word “flying vehicle”.

This is part of a presentation which MITI gave to the automotive industry as part of our stakeholder engagement in the Review of the National Automotive Policy. In this presentation, a disclaimer was clearly stated which said that:

“This document is a draft and provided for discussion purposes only.

The information contained herein is subject to change and does not commit the Government of Malaysia.

Thank you.

In this same consultative document, the discussion on the New National Car Project was focused on new technologies including anticipating a Next Generation Vehicle (NxGV) which will be an Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV) with IR 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence as well as Mobility-as-a-Service characteristics. There was no mention of a flying vehicle in the discussion on the National Car Project.  

The slide shown by the MP of Rembau was under the Technology Development sub-topic and was in the context of setting standards and specifications for many types of vehicles including Next Generation vehicle NxGV), commercial vehicles and motorcycles that are Energy Efficient and / or Electric Vehicles (EEV and / or EV). The inclusion of a discussion on flying vehicles is to address the need for standards and regulations should there be a demand for application of such technology by the automotive industry in future. MITI is committed to having consultations and discussions with important stakeholders on the Review of the National Automotive Policy (NAP) which will focus on the entire automotive sector including the supply and value chains. It is unfortunate that the MP for Rembau chose to highlight one small reference to a nascent technology (for the purposes of standards setting) in the discussion document rather than to give attention to the larger challenge at hand, which is how to develop and grow the entire automotive landscape in Malaysia. MITI is open to consider any concrete suggestions from the MP for Rembau on the automotive sector.

Ministry of International Trade & Industry

27 March, 2019


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