Disciplinary action must be taken against Dato Fuad Hassan, Director of Jabatan Hal Ehwal Khas for violating the Code of Conduct and Regulations for Public Servants

Press Statement by Dr. Ong Kian Ming, Member of Parliament for Serdang, on 24th October 2013 in Kuala Lumpur

According to the Regulations for Public Servants (Conduct and Discipline) 1993 Circular [P.U. (A) 395/1993], Senior Management officers (Kumpulan Pengurusan Tertinggi – KPT) and Professional and Management officers (Kumpulan Pengurusan & Professional – P&P) are prohibited from taking part in politics. Officers cannot:

a)      make any public statement, whether oral or written, which presents a biased view on matters which are political party issues;

b)      engage in canvassing support for any candidate in a general election, by-election, or any election to any office in any political party;

The FAQ on Politics and Public Servants provided by the Public Service Department states that KPT or P&P officers are forbidden to ‘like’ and ‘share’ Facebook and ‘retweet’ politically related articles.[1] This FAQ also states that “If the article tends to favor a particular political party, the activity can be interpreted as an expression of the officer’s support for that political party. This can also be interpreted as being active in politics.”

Dato’ Fuad Hassan, Director of the Special Affairs Department (JASA) under the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia, has clearly and significantly violated this code of conduct.

Dato’ Fuad has used his Twitter account @ fuhas_tweet to attack the parties and leaders of Pakatan Rakyat on multiple occasions. For example:

27 April 2012: #Bersih3 – Lagi usaha DSAI untuk jadikan Dtrn Mdeka as Dtrn Tahrir Mesir. Yang menari ikut rentak DSAI akan tewas dlm prg saraf ini.

1 May 2012: Tony Pua: Najib must apologise for police brutality @DrRaisYatim @NajibRazak @fuhas_tweet – Spin, spin, spin. Fight them, fight them hard.

22 January 2013: LGE arah sesiapa yg mahu guna perkataan “Penang” dlm program perlu dapat kelulusan kerajaan negeri. Permulaan kea rah dictator @klposdotcom

3 February 2013: Harakah: YB Nizar terlalu yakin PR dapat tawan Perak tapi kalau kalah ia kerana pengundi hantu. @fuhas_tweet: ini politik bangang!!.

29 August 2013: Banning #TandaPutera : Arrogant and stupid move by Racist Chinese #Dap<a ” href=”https://twitter.com/teresakok”>@teresakok

At the same time, Dato’ Fuad has also used his Twitter account to support and campaign for the Barisan Nasional and UMNO in political terms, not in terms of policies. Some examples are:

21 July 2013: Insya Allah“@wirakenyalang: RT @fuhas_tweet: Selamat pagi Dato’. Selamat berpuasa dan memastikan BN menang di DUN Kuala Besut #kbesutkini

8 October 2013: Tertarik perjalanan pemilihan Umno kini: Teratur, kekeluargaan, pembahruan, lebih meakar umbi & penyertaan menyeluruh. Umno has transform!.

Overall, Dato’ Fuad has tweeted a total of 372 times to attack Pakatan Rakyat and 18 times to support Barisan Nasional / UMNO from 2011 till 24th October 2013.

At the same time, Dato’ Fuad has also been using his blog (http://dakwat-kertas.blogspot.com) to attack Pakatan Rakyat and support Barisan Nasional / UMNO.

For example:

‘The film “The New Village” details the hardships of the Chinese during the British colonial era but also clearly endorses the cooperation and love of the Chinese towards the Communists. This film can be seen as supporting the views of PKR, PAS and DAP that the communist struggle was the struggle for independence.’[2]

If Dato’ Fuad, who was the former state assemblyman for Hulu Kelang before being defeated by Azmin Ali in 1999, wishes to engage actively in political activities, he can resign or apply for voluntary  retirement.

However, by abusing his position as Director of JASA, Dato’ Fuad has stained the good name and reputation of our nation’s public servants who mostly carry out their duties with a professional attitude without favouring any political party and who have no intention to actively engage in politics while carrying out their duties as public servants.

I call upon Tan Sri Mohamad Zabidi bin Zainal, Director-General of the Public Service Department (KPPA) and Tan Sri Dr. Ali Hamsa, Chief Secretary to the Government (KSN) to take immediate disciplinary action against Dato’ Fuad Hassan in order to uphold professionalism and preserve the good name of the Malaysian public service.

I will email all the screenshots of Dato’ Fuad’s tweets to Tan Sri Mohamad Zabidi and Tan Sri Dr. Ali Hamsa as evidence that Dato’ Fuad has breached SPA codes of conduct. I hope that the KPPA and KSN will carry out a full investigation and take appropriate action against Dato’ Fuad.