1 Malaysia products and symbols should not be allowed in any of the polling stations on the 5th of May, 2013

Media Statement by Dr. Ong Kian Ming in Seri Kembangan on the 2nd of May, 2013

On polling day, no one is supposed to wear or use anything with a party logo, symbol or the name of any candidate within 50 meters of any polling station. But we fully expect that this rule be broken by Barisan Nasional through the use of the 1Malaysia logo.

While technically speaking, the 1 Malaysia logo is not a registered logo or symbol of any political party, it has been used as a cornerstone of caretaker Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s political campaign during his 4 years are Prime Minister. As such, we strongly urge the Election Commission to exercise its discretionary power fairly and disallow anyone from wearing, holding or bringing shirts, caps, tudungs, jewellery, bottled water, umbrella and other paraphernalia that has the 1 Malaysia logo on it within 50 meters of any polling station as per Section 9 (H) of the Conduct of Elections Guide (Panduan Tatatertib Pilihanraya). [1]

This would include any materials or vehicles which belongs to the government and has the 1 Malaysia logo on it.

One example is the use of 1Malaysia branded tissue paper to wipe dry the indelible ink (picture below). We have received news that this 1Malaysia branded tissue paper will be used on polling day to help dry the indelible ink after it has been put on the finger of a voter. This is totally unacceptable and the Election Commission should put a stop to this immediately and order fresh supplies of tissue paper without any 1 Malaysia logo.

The failure of the Election Commission to act decisively on this issue will strengthen the impression that it is not an independent organization but instead consistently makes decisions which favor the BN.

Dr. Ong Kian Ming, DAP Candidate for Parliament Seat P102 Serdang