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Malaysia safest country in South-East Asia. Really?

(Also published on Malaysiakini)

The issue of crime, especially in the urban areas, has once again surfaced as a hot political issue.

Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein was quoted as saying that the fear of crime is a result of ‘public perception’ while Pemandu chief executive officer Idris Jala was reported as having asked the media to focus more on the crimes that have been solved, rather than those which have been committed.

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Dissecting the ETP Annual Report (Part 5): The EPPs do not seem to be creating high-income jobs

(Also published on The Malaysian Insider)

Capital intensity is very low in the ETP so far. An increasing level of capital investment per employee (CIPE) is an essential part of economic development. Higher CIPE usually translates into higher salaries due to the higher skills and productivity associated with working with more efficient machines and technology. Therefore, the ETP is expected to have high CIPE.

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Thugs at my doorstep

(Also published on Dr. Ong’s Facebook Page and The Malaysian Insider)

At approx 4.45pm [yesterday] (July 10), three thugs, in their early to late twenties, tried to break into my house in Petaling Jaya.

Thankfully, they were unsuccessful. Thankfully, I am not hurt. I am immensely grateful at the outpouring of support shown by my friends and family. I am thankful to the police for their quick response in sending three squad cars to my house five minutes after I reported the incident and their follow up on this case.

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