• The charging of my polling agent under Section 3 (1)(i) of the Election Offences Act 1954 a mere two days after her statement was recorded and two days before polling day is a cowardly act of intimidation by Barisan Nasional (BN)

    Media Statement by Dr. Ong Kian Ming in Kajang on Friday, 3rd of May, 2013

    The charging of my polling agent under Section 3 (1)(i) of the Election Offences Act 1954 a mere two days after her statement was recorded and two days before polling day is a cowardly act of intimidation by Barisan Nasional (BN)

    My election agent was asked to give a statement at the Kajang Police Headquarters on the 30th of April, on the day of advanced voting, over allegations that she had improperly used a lock to secure a ballot box for advance voters at the Squadron 21, Royal Engineers Regiment, Taman Kajang Utama, advance voting polling station.

    A mere three days later, on the 3rd of May, this election agent has just been charged in the Kajang Magistrate Court (Criminal Division) under Section 3 (1)(i) of the Election Offences Act 1954. This section reads:

    Any person … without due authority destroys, takes, opens or otherwise interferes with any ballot box, ballot paper or packet of ballot papers in use or intended to be used for the purposes of an election…

    At the same time, Azahari Ismail, in the Teluk Kemang parliamentary constituency, was also charged under the same offence yesterday on the 2nd of May.

    The locking of the advance voting ballot boxes is a grey area and the final authority lies with the person in charge of the polling station in question (otherwise known as the Ketua Tempat Mengundi or KTM). Our reports indicate that the KTM in question in Taman Kajang Utama was very inexperienced and not aware of many of the elections related laws and procedures. This may very well have led to the confusion surrounding the locking of the ballot box.

    The fact that these two cases were processed so quickly, in mere days, just prior to the most important general elections in Malaysian history shows that this is part and parcel of the Barisan Nasional’s strategy to intimidate polling agents and observers.

    We strongly condemn these actions and we urge the Attorney General to drop these charges with immediate effect.

    Dr. Ong Kian Ming
    DAP Candidate for P102 Serdang

  • 1 Malaysia products and symbols should not be allowed in any of the polling stations on the 5th of May, 2013

    Media Statement by Dr. Ong Kian Ming in Seri Kembangan on the 2nd of May, 2013

    1 Malaysia products and symbol should not be allowed in any of the polling stations on the 5th of May, 2013

    On polling day, no one is supposed to wear or use anything with a party logo, symbol or the name of any candidate within 50 meters of any polling station. But we fully expect that this rule be broken by Barisan Nasional through the use of the 1Malaysia logo.

    While technically speaking, the 1 Malaysia logo is not a registered logo or symbol of any political party, it has been used as a cornerstone of caretaker Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s political campaign during his 4 years are Prime Minister. As such, we strongly urge the Election Commission to exercise its discretionary power fairly and disallow anyone from wearing, holding or bringing shirts, caps, tudungs, jewellery, bottled water, umbrella and other paraphernalia that has the 1 Malaysia logo on it within 50 meters of any polling station as per Section 9 (H) of the Conduct of Elections Guide (Panduan Tatatertib Pilihanraya). [1]

    This would include any materials or vehicles which belongs to the government and has the 1 Malaysia logo on it.

    One example is the use of 1Malaysia branded tissue paper to wipe dry the indelible ink (picture below). We have received news that this 1Malaysia branded tissue paper will be used on polling day to help dry the indelible ink after it has been put on the finger of a voter. This is totally unacceptable and the Election Commission should put a stop to this immediately and order fresh supplies of tissue paper without any 1 Malaysia logo.

    The failure of the Election Commission to act decisively on this issue will strengthen the impression that it is not an independent organization but instead consistently makes decisions which favor the BN.

    Dr. Ong Kian Ming, DAP Candidate for Parliament Seat P102 Serdang

  • Both of our deputy foreign ministers have two degrees each from bogus universities

    Media Statement by Dr. Ong Kian Ming, Election Strategist, Democratic Party, in Kuala Lumpur on the 18th of April, 2013

    Both of our deputy foreign ministers have two degrees each from bogus universities

    Yesterday, I released a media statement revealing that 5 BN candidates had fake degrees from dubious universities. One of the candidates highlighted was none other than Deputy Foreign Minister, A. Kohillan Pillay, who is listed as having obtained a Masters in Commercial and Industrial Economy from the Pacific Western University in the United States.

    Malaysiakini quoted Kohillan’s response in threatening to take legal action against me – “Anyway I will see about suing Ong for making such an allegation”. [1] I challenge Kohillan to take legal action against me because not only does he have a Masters degree from a bogus university, his undergraduate degree is also from a bogus university!

    A check on the Minister of Foreign Affairs Website shows Kohillan’s qualifications as follows:

    “He graduated with a Bachelor of Economic (Hons.) from the Connaught University, Republic of Ireland in 1991. He later pursued and completed his postgraduate degree, Master of Science (M. Sc) Commercial and Industrial Economy from the Pacific Western University, United States of America in 1992.” [2]

    Not only does Connaught University, Republic of Ireland not have a website, it was among the list of ‘dubious institutions’ listed down by the Star in a Starprobe investigation, right alongside the Pacific Western University![3]

    What is even more shocking is that in the same Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, the academic qualifications of the other Deputy Foreign Minister, Richard Riot, is also equally dubious!

    “He also holds a Diploma on personnel Management from Cambridge Tutorial College, Jersey, Britain. He obtained his Bachelor of Business Administration from Chartered Institute of Business Administration (Ireland), Teoranta in 1994 and Master of Business Administration from Preston University, United States of America.”[4]

    Not only could I not find any website belonging to the abovementioned Chartered Institute of Business Administration (Ireland), Teoranta, Preston University is a well-known bogus university as reported by numerous newspaper reports.[5]

    In other words, both our deputy foreign ministers have not one but two degrees from dubious universities! And to think that they had the temerity to list their bogus qualifications on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs! Such behavior is totally unethical and unacceptable for any leader, not to mention two national leaders that are supposed to represent our nation on the international stage!

    In February earlier this year, German Education Minister Annette Schavan had to resign because it was discovered that part of her doctoral thesis had been plagiarized.[6] This is a demonstration of how a normal democracy would treat this kind of dishonest behavior. But only in Malaysia would we allow two Deputy Foreign Ministers to get away with having not just one but TWO fake degrees each!

    In replying to Malaysiakini, BN candidate Lee Ben Seng from the MCA, who is the candidate for N25 Kajang, was reported to have said that he graduated not from Rutherford University, as stated in the press release given by the Barisan Nasional, but that his degree is from the American Liberty University. The problem remains since the American Liberty University is also reported to be a degree mill and a non-accredited university![7]

    Since my press statement came out, many concerned citizens have come forward to inform me that there are other BN candidates who also have degrees from dubious universities. This includes Nicole Wong, who is the MCA candidate for Seputeh. Nicole is reported to have an MBA from the West Coast University Panama[8], which is another university whose credentials are suspect and is not recognized by the National Council of University Assessment and Accreditation (CONEAUPA) in Panama.[9] It is also listed as one of the universities which are ‘unauthorized schools’ and which issues ‘invalid degrees’ by the state of Oregon in the United States.[10]

    Let me reiterate again – I am not saying that one needs to be a graduate to be in a publicly elected official. What I am totally against the buying of degrees at whatever level – undergraduate, Masters or PhD – from degree mills since it goes against the very spirit of what the education process is supposed to be about. Not having a degree does not disqualify someone from being a candidate. But having lied about how one has obtained a degree most certainly disqualifies a person, from an integrity standpoint, from being a candidate.

    I reiterate my call for all these candidates to explain to the public whether their degrees were properly earned or whether they were ‘purchased’. If they acknowledge that their degrees were purchased, I call for them to withdraw their candidacy for the upcoming 13th general election.

    Dr. Ong Kian Ming

  • DAP dakwa 5 ijazah calon BN diragui?

    KUALA LUMPUR, 17 APRIL: Timbalan Menteri Luar Negeri A Kohilan Pillay adalah antara lima calon BN yang didakwa DAP memilik sijil kelulusan pengajian tertinggi yang bermasalah.

    Strategis pilihanraya DAP Ong Kian Ming (gambar) berkata Kohilan bersama Teh Kim Pooh, Pengerusi Pihak Berkuasa Pelabuhan Klang (PKA), Ching Eu Boon dan Lee Ban Seng dari MCA dan Ab Wahab Ibrahim, ketua hal ehwal agama Umno memiliki sijil kelulusan pengajian tertinggi daripada universiti yang pernah dibuktikan menjual ijazah.“Ini adalah sangat mendukacitakan apabila lima daripada calon BN, dua di parlimen dan tiga di DUN, mengemukakan kelulusan akademi daripada institusi yang boleh disifatkan sebagai kilang ijazah, atau erti kata lain daripada universiti dan kolej yang memberikan ijazah palsu dengan bayaran,” kata Ong dalam satu kenyataan hari ini.Ong mendakwa Kohilan, yang dipilih menjadi calon kerusi parlimen Puchong mendapat ijazah Sarjana Sains Perdagangan dan Ekonomi Industri dari Pacific Western University, Amerika Syarikat (AS), sebuah institusi pendidikan yang pernah disaman dan ditutup selepas didapati menjual ijazah.

    Calon bagi kerusi parlimen Klang pula, Teh Kim Pooh didakwa Ong mendapat Ijazah Doktor Falsafahnya dari New Port University – sebuah universiti yang diragui.

    Calon DUN Taman Medan, Abdul Wahad dari Umno pula mendapat PhD dalam Pentadbiran Awam dari Irish International Universiti yang dilaporkan palsu pada 2008 oleh British Broadcasting Corporation, kata Ong.

    Ching dan Lee, masing-masing calon BN untuk Pandamaran dan Kajang pula didakwa Ong mendapat ijazah daripada St George University International dan Universiti Rutherford di AS, yang disebut sebagai ‘kilang ijazah’.

    “Calon yang merasakan mereka perlu ‘membeli’ ijazah, samada di peringkat sarjana muda, sarjana, telah menyebabkan integriti mereka diragui.

    “Jika calon-calon ini sanggup menipu pengundi mengenai kelulusan akademi mereka, iaitu salah satu aspek penting di dalam hidup seseorang, mana aspek lain dalam kehidupan yang calon ini sanggup menipu termasuk perkara-perkara yang melibatkan kepentingan awam seperti pengurusan dana awam serta tanggungjawab menggunakan sumber awam,” tegas Ong.

    Ong mendesak lima calon BN untuk menjawab tuduhan beliau.

    “Jika mereka gagal untuk menjelaskan pada pengundi, saya menyeru mereka untuk mengundurkan diri daripada bertanding,” tambah Ong.

    Sebelum ini, Timbalan Pengerusi BN Selangor Datuk Seri Mohd Zin Mohamed telah menegaskan bahawa integriti senarai calon BN telah disahkan.

    Selepas Datuk Zulkifli Noordin dicalonkan di Shah Alam dan pendedahan Ong ini, rakyat akan bertanya apakah sebenarnya syarat-syarat untuk menjadi calon winnable Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

    Sumber: Harakah Daily

  • How can BN claim to have a ‘competent, dynamic and progressive’ line-up in Selangor when 5 of its candidates have degrees from bogus universities?

    Media Statement by Dr. Ong Kian Ming, Election Strategist, Democratic Party, in Kuala Lumpur on the 17th of April, 2013

    How can BN claim to have a ‘competent, dynamic and progressive’ line-up in Selangor when 5 of its candidates have degrees from bogus universities?

    The BN candidates for Selangor were revealed yesterday with great fanfare. The lineup is crucial for the most economically developed state in Malaysia and also the state which Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, as state chairman and elections director, is under great pressure to wrest back from Pakatan Rakyat.

    Najib was quoted as saying that “This is the lineup that will not only see us win the state, but also to form a strong government.”[1] Mohd Zin Mohamed, BN Selangor coordinator was quoted as saying that “Our candidates are highly competent, dynamic and progressive. They are qualified individuals from various backgrounds who can take the state to greater heights in tandem with the Economic Transformation Program (ETP).”[2]

    Given these superlatives which were being used to describe the BN Selangor lineup, it is highly disappointing that 5 of the BN candidates, two at the parliamentary level and three at the state level, listed academic qualifications from institutions that can be best described as being ‘degree mills’ – in other words, fake universities and colleges which issue bogus academic degrees for a payment.[3]

    The most shocking revelation is the listed qualification of the BN candidate for P103 Puchong – A. Kohilan Pillay A/L G Appu – who received an M.SC in Commercial and Industrial Economy (sic) from the Pacific Western University in the United States. This ‘university’ was found to be a degree mill, lawsuits were taken up against it and it was subsequently shut down.[4] What is even more shocking is that the candidate is Malaysia’s (caretaker) Deputy Foreign Minister! It is a disgrace to the country if indeed our Deputy Foreign Minister is a leader who has ‘bought’ a degree from a degree mill in order to bolster his own credentials.


    The second most shocking revelation is the listed qualification of the BN candidate for P110 Klang, Teh Kim Poo, who is also the current chairman of the Port Klang Authority (PKA). Teh is listed as having obtained a PhD in Business Administration from the New Port University in the United States. This is the same university which the caretaker Menteri Besar of Perlis, Md Isa Sabu, obtained his PhD from.[5] My colleague in the DAP, National Publicity Secretary, Tony Pua had blogged about New Port University being a dubious university way back in 2006.[6] Even The Star newspaper reported this university, back in 2009, as a degree mill.[7] What is disconcerting is the fact that Teh’s role as PKA Chairman requires him to exercise transparency especially in dealing with the aftermath of the PKFZ scandal, which the PKA and the government of Malaysia is still paying for.


    Three other state candidates have listed qualifications from well-known degree mills. BN candidate for N33 Taman Medan, Ab Wahab Bin Ibrahim, is listed as having a PhD in Public Service from the infamous Irish International University. The BBC reported this university as a bogus university as a result of a sting operation in 2008.[8]


    BN candidate for N47 Pandamaran, Ching Eu Boon, is listed as having a PhD in Network Marketing from the St George University International which has also been reported to be a degree mill.[9]


    BN candidate for N25 Kajang, Lee Ban Seng, is listed as having received a degree from the Rutherford University (also known as the Senior University International and Stratford International University) which also has been reported as a degree mill.[10]


    There is nothing in our election laws and regulations which state that a candidate must have a degree as a requirement for running for public office. Truthfully speaking, having academic qualifications, even at the postgraduate level, from prestigious universities all over the world do not automatically make one person a better candidate than someone without a degree.

    However, candidates who feel as if they had to ‘buy’ a degree, either at the undergraduate, masters or postgraduate levels, inevitably call their own integrity into question. If these candidates are willing to dupe voters about their academic qualifications, which is an important part of any person’s life, what other areas of life would these candidates be willing to lie about including in areas of public interest such as the management of public funds and the proper and responsible use of public resources?

    I call upon these 5 BN Selangor candidates to explain and to refute the fact that all of them have listed qualifications from reported degree mills. If they cannot properly explain to the voters, I urge them to withdraw themselves from contesting in the 13th General Election.

    Dr. Ong Kian Ming

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