• Five Recommendations for the Taman Tugu project

    Media Statement by Dr. Ong Kian Ming, MP for Serdang, on the 7th of September, 2016

    Five Recommendations for the Taman Tugu project

    The announcement of the Taman Tugu project[1] last weekend by Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has received mixed reactions from the public. As a regular jogger along the “double hill” route which goes past Tugu Negara[2] (See Figure 1 below) and in the nearby Lake Gardens / Taman Botani[3], here are my five recommendations for this project.

    Figure 1: Part of the Double Hill 12km loop which goes past Tugu Negara

    1) Taman Tugu must be cost effective and transparent

    I echo the concerns expressed by my colleague, Rafizi Ramli, on the high cost of this project, estimated by RM650 million, 75% of which or RM500 million, will be paid for by Khazanah.[4] Many people have asked why such a large amount of money needs to be spent on an urban park while overseas JPA scholarships have been cancelled and allocation to public universities have been cut.[5] Even though the majority of the expenditure will come from Khazanah and not from the government budget, since Khazanah is 100% owned by the Ministry of Finance, it is necessary for both Khazanah as well as the Minister of Finance, namely the Prime Minister, to explain why this expenditure is necessary in the context of significant budget cuts in other areas.

    In addition, since Khazanah is technically a private company, and not a government department, it does not have to go through the normal tender processes that most ministries have to adhere to via eperolehan.[6] To assure the public that the expenditure on the Taman Tugu project is transparent and cost-effective, it should make all significant contracts via open tender and to announce the results publicly.

    2) Taman Tugu must be free to the public

    The Taman Tugu project is actually not a new project. It was announced as one of the Entry Point Projects (EPP7: Creating Iconic Places and Attractions) under the Greater KL National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs) way back in 2010. The initial project was to “create a Malaysia Truly Asia Center (MRAC), an integrated cultural tourism park managed by Themed Attraction Resorts, a subsidiary of Khazanah Nasional.[7] This project was suspended in August 2014 because of ongoing land issues.[8] There was also initial speculation that this attraction would be part of a leisure and tourism entity that would be listed by Khazanah.[9]

    Now that it has been revived under the Taman Tugu project, Khazanah must reassure that public that accessibility to this park will be free of charge. While there may be parts of the park where the public may have to pay to use certain services (such as a proposed outdoor adventure area featuring rope courses and a flying fox), the majority of the park must be free of charge to use. This is the model used by the Central Park in New York where access to certain attractions such as the zoo require an entrance fee but the majority of the park is free to use.[10]

    The initial masterplan of Taman Tugu seem to indicate that most of the park are green spaces that are open for public access (See Figure 2 below).

    3) Taman Tugu must allow existing users continued access to recreational facilities

    I am glad to note that Padang Merbok is not park of the area that has been designation as part of Taman Tugu. Many groups use Padang Merbok especially during the weekends for various recreational activities including rugby, football, bootcamp and as a start and finish point for runs (See Figure 3 below). Places such as Padang Merbok must be preserved for public access. Khazanah should ensure that public access to popular jogging routes such as the aforementioned “Double Hill” route is allowed even during the construction phase of Taman Tugu. Better still, Khazanah should consult the various groups which use Padang Merbok and the surrounding areas for recreation activities so that their inputs can be used to enhance the facilities in and surrounding Taman Tugu.

    Figure 2: Masterplan of the Taman Tugu Project[11]

    Figure 3: One of the many runs which use Padang Merbok as a start and finishing point

    4) Must be integrated and accessible

    I am glad to note that the Taman Tugu masterplan has taken into consideration the issue of connectivity to public transportation and other nearby recreational attractions such as Muzium Negara, Lake Gardens and the KL Bird Park, just to name a few (See Figure 4 below).

    Figure 4: Connectivity of Taman Tugu to other attractions and public transportation[12]

    But this is not sufficient. For example, according to google maps, it takes 35 minutes to walk from the Bank Negara KTM station to Tugu Negara via the proposed pedestrian walkway showed in Figure 4 and 30 minutes to walk via Jalan Parlimen (See Figure 5 below).

    Not many Malaysians would be willing to walk that far (even if the walkway is covered). In addition, not many people would be willing to use the KTM Komuter services (30 minutes during peak hours and 60 minutes during non-peak hours, according to KTM’s latest announcement on its twitter feed[13]). Khazanah needs to provide for better public transportation to Taman Tugu than what is currently on its Taman Tugu website.

    Figure 5: Walking time and distance from the Bank Negara KTM to Tugu Negara

    5) Taman Tugu must be sustainably managed

    Finally, Khazanah must reveal its plan on how Taman Tugu will be managed. Taman Tugu should not be managed as a for-profit endeavour in order to ensure continued free public access. At the same time, it must also be run sustainably so that its maintenance costs can be covered. One possible model is the Central Park Conservancy, a private not for profit entity, which has a long term contract to manage Central Park in New York.[14]

    Initial reports indicate that Taman Tugu will be placed under a public trust and that it will be preserved as a green lung in perpetuity.[15] Details of this trust and the management of Taman Tugu should be announced as soon as possible in order to assure the public that this project is not a money making venture but a project which will truly benefit the public.

    I call upon Khazanah to honour the promise of its Managing Director, Azman Mokhtar who said that Khazanah will be “embarking on a public outreach program through multiple channels to seek feedback and suggestions from the public at large, as well as broadening the number of development partners and donors”.[16] I hope that this will be a sincere public outreach effort and not an empty public relations exercise.

    Dr. Ong Kian Ming
    Member of Parliament for Serdang

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  • Minister in charge of the Economic Planning Unit (EPU), Abdul Rahman Dahlan, should ask for a statistics lesson from the Department of Statistics rather than asking the Khazanah Research Institute (KRI) to explain their latest report to the Perak state government

    Media Statement by Dr. Ong Kian Ming, MP for Serdang, on the 5th of September, 2016

    Minister in charge of the Economic Planning Unit (EPU), Abdul Rahman Dahlan, should ask for a statistics lesson from the Department of Statistics rather than asking the Khazanah Research Institute (KRI) to explain their latest report to the Perak state government

    It was reported yesterday that Minister in charge of the Economic Planning Unit (EPU), Abdul Rahman Dahlan, had said that it was “unreasonable” and “not logical” for the Khazanah Research Institute (KRI) State of the Households II Report to place Perak as the 2nd poorest state in Malaysia.[1] It was further reported that the Minister had said that reports and statistics which are accurate needed to be supplied to KRI so that its report can be corrected.[2] Abdul Rahman also said that he had directed the EPU director general to call for a meeting between KRI and the Perak government to explain the statistics in the report.

    I am truly appalled at the ignorance of the Minister in charge of the EPU as demonstrated by his statements on the KRI report.[3] The data showing that Perak had the 2nd highest percentage of households earning less than RM6000 a month was obtained from the Household Income and Basic Amenities Survey 2014 which was carried out by the Department of Statistics (See Chart and source below).

    The same Household Income and Basic Amenities Survey also shows Perak having the 2nd highest number of households earning less than RM2000 a month at 21.3% (after Kelantan at 31.4%) (See Figure below)

    Source: Household Income and Basic Amenities Survey 2014, Department of Statistics

    Abdul Rahman Dahlan may be right in saying that Perak may not be the 2nd poorest state in Malaysia since there are other ways of measuring income per household or per person such as mean and average household incomes (Perak comes in at 3rd from the bottom in 2014) and median wages (7th from the bottom in 2015) and average wages (5th from the bottom in 2015).

    But to question the KRI report which is based on statistics sourced from the Department of Statistics (which is under the Minister in charge of the EPU’s purview, the last time I checked) shows a level of ignorance and incompetence that is astounding, even by Abdul Rahman Dahlan’s standard.

    Instead of asking the DG of the EPU to call for a meeting between KRI and the Perak state government, the Minister should instead ask the Department of Statistics to brief him on the Household Income and Basic Amenities Survey 2014 and how to understand the statistics in this survey. In fact, I am confident that one of the Perdana Fellows interning under the Minister can brief him on the basics of statistics and how to understand such reports.

    Dr. Ong Kian Ming
    Member of Parliament for Serdang

    Department of Statistics – Household and Income Survey 2014

    Khazanah Research Institute – The State of Households II

    [1] http://english.astroawani.com/business-news/khazanah-report-perak-unreasonable-rahman-dahlan-115860 and http://www.bernama.com/bernama/v8/bm/ge/newsgeneral.php?id=1279527

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    [3] http://www.krinstitute.org/assets/upload/KRI_State_of_Households_II_280816.pdf

  • 共同发表推特@PetrajayaMP with Hashtag #JalanBesar 来敦促工程部长拿督斯里法迪拉协助提升史里肯邦安沿路的沙登大街(Jalan Besar)的基础设施


    共同发表推特@PetrajayaMP with Hashtag #JalanBesar 来敦促工程部长拿督斯里法迪拉协助提升史里肯邦安沿路的沙登大街(Jalan Besar)的基础设施

    许多曾经驶往史里肯邦安和绿野购物中心的司机都会深同感受当地可怕的交通阻塞状况,尤其是在沙登大街(Jalan Besar)和Besraya高速公路之间的切换路口。


    图表一:2016315日晚上6:18Waze的截图,所显示沙登大街(Jalan Besar),Serdang Perdana大道和Besraya高速大道的交通阻塞情况

    在得到来自Portman学院的通信及媒体学院(Communications and Media School)的学生的协助下,我制作了一段长达4分钟的视频来解释沙登大街沿路的交通问题,有兴趣的人可以前往YouTube上观看- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAFBKCk58eE。

    正如视频里的内容所示,我们急需提升一系列的基础设施,包括The Mines 购物中心附近的沙登大街-BESRAYA的切换路口,加宽两座天桥(一座落在靠近南城广场,横跨电动火车KTM和机场快铁ERL的铁路,另一座则是落在衔接南北大道沿路旁) 和考虑在Serdang Perdana和Besraya之间兴建天桥。

    然而,这种规模较大的基础设施工程只能通过中央政府的拨款,尤其是工程部来取得更具体的实现。此外,这也需要得到来自各政府部门(如交通部)和相关机构(如国家大道管理局)的批准。因此,我呼吁所有沙登大街大道使用者和沙登选民都向工程部长拿督斯里法迪拉发送推特 @PetrajayaMP并附上#JalanBesar,以便向他传达我们有多么需要这个项目批准的心声

    最后,我想要衷心地感谢Portman学院的院长曾尔尼(Ernie Chan)和学生们,共同合作参与了这一次的项目,并随后在制作这一部视频所付出的努力。


  • Tweet @PetrajayaMP with Hashtag #JalanBesar to ask the Minister of Works, Fadillah Yusof to to upgrade the road infrastructure along Jalan Besar, Seri Kembangan

    Media Statement by Dr. Ong Kian Ming, MP for Serdang, on the 3rd of September, 2016

    Tweet @PetrajayaMP with Hashtag #JalanBesar to ask the Minister of Works, Fadillah Yusof to upgrade the road infrastructure along Jalan Besar, Seri Kembangan

    Many drivers who have to drive through Seri Kembangan and the Mines Shopping Center would know of the horrific traffic situation, especially at the interchange between Jalan Besar and the BESRAYA highway.

    The horrible traffic situation is a result of bad planning and poor coordination by the various local, state and federal agencies before 2008. My colleague, state assembly representative of Seri Kembangan and Selangor state exco, Ean Yong Hian Wah, has tried to address the situation as best as he can via the Jalan Besar One Way Loop that was funded entirely by the state government. But the bottlenecks remain as shown in the waze screenshot below.

    Figure 1: Waze Screenshot at 618pm on the 15th of March, 2016 showing the traffic congestion along Jalan Besar, Jalan Serdang Perdana and BESRAYA highway

    With the help of students from the Communications and Media School, Portman College, I made a short 4 minute video to explain the existing traffic problems along Jalan Besar which can be viewed on youtube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAFBKCk58eE.

    As I explain in the video, a series of infrastructure upgrades are needed including the upgrade of the Jalan Besar-BESRAYA interchange near the Mines Shopping Mall, the widening of two bridges (one over the ERL and KTM tracks near South City Plaza and one over the PLUS North South Highway) and the possibility of building a flyover from Serdang Perdana to BESRAYA.

    This kind of large scale infrastructure upgrades can only be achieved with funding from the federal government, specifically, the Ministry of Works. This kind of project also requires the approval of various ministries (such as the Ministry of Transportation) and agencies (such as the National Highway Authority or Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia). As such, I am calling on the users of Jalan Besar and voters in Serdang to tweet the Minister of Works, Fadillah Yusof, @PetrajayaMP with the hashtag #JalanBesar to tell him how much they want this project to be approved.

    Finally, I would like to thank Ernie Chan, President of Portman College and the students who participated in this project for their cooperation and hard work in making this video.

    Dr. Ong Kian Ming
    Member of Parliament for Serdang

  • 位于加影Saujana Impian的圣若瑟教堂的拆迁课题


    位于加影Saujana Impian的圣若瑟教堂的拆迁课题

    针对马华中委兼马华宗教和谐局副主任黄祚信于2016年8月24日所发表的媒体声明,内容中他毫无根据地指控公正党主席兼加影州议员旺阿兹莎不顾加影市议会,行动党和公正党的反对,执意允许位于加影 Saujana Impian圣若瑟教堂 (St Joseph)的拆除行动。[1]


    此外,他也会发现了吉隆坡总主教华裔神父廖炳坚(Julian Leow)已在2016年8月19日向加影区的信徒发表声明,解释为什么他同意让加影市议会拆除已多年无人问津,原提供予Brehma村的圆丘工人使用的圣若瑟教堂。(请参阅以下附录一)在这封信中,总主教也呼吁该教会的Surain神父给予市议会最充分的合作,以避免不愉快的事情发生。









    [1] http://theheatmalaysia.com/Main/Callous-bid-to-destroy-church-at-night

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