Month: June 2012

Implications of rebasing and revising our national accounts

Something interesting happened to our national economy in May 2012. Our per capita Gross National Income (GNI) increased from RM29,094 to RM29,661. Our GDP increased from RM853 billion to RM881 billion and our GNI increased from RM831 billion to RM859

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Dissecting the ETP Annual Report (Part 3): It was only RM12.9 billion of actual investments

It’s a long way from “committed” to “actual”. PEMANDU trumpets in its Annual Report that the ETP has brought in RM179 billion of investments. What is downplayed is that the RM179 billion is for committed investments. Actual investments under the

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The strange case of recycled ICs in Sabah

Many of the problems uncovered thus far by the Malaysian Electoral Roll Analysis Project (Merap) are not directly attributable to the Election Commission (EC). The responsibility of issuing identity cards and ensuring that as far as possible the holders of

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Dissecting the ETP Annual Report (Part 2): The mystery of the disappearing entry point projects

The investments enigma. PEMANDU in its Annual Report claims that investments by the private sector were well above target last year. The headline claim may not withstand scrutiny though. Very large entry point projects (EPPs) appear to have faltered. We highlight

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Questionable foreign-born citizens in voters roll

The Election Commission (EC) produced a booklet entitled ‘The Truth Behind the Accusations and Lies towards the Election Commission’ on its website. In this booklet, the EC tried to defend itself against 12 allegations made with regard to the electoral roll.

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