• The Election Commission must restore Assistant Registrar Officers (AROs) of political parties to stop the decrease in the number of registered voters

    Media Statement by Dr. Ong Kian Ming, MP for Serdang, on the 25th of August, 2015

    The Election Commission must restore Assistant Registrar Officers (AROs) of political parties to stop the decrease in the number of registered voters

    More than 2 years after the 13th general election and more than 2 years since the decision by the Election Commission not to renew the Assistant Registrar Officers (AROs) of political parties, the nett number of newly registered voters in the 2nd quarter of 2015 has once again showed an overall decrease. According to the data provided by the Election Commission, only three states showed a nett increase of voters (newly registered voters + voters who have changed their address – deleted voters i.e. those who have died or moved away), namely Melaka (+496 voters), Sarawak (+4588 voters) and Terengganu (+10311 voters).[1] (See Table 1 below)

    Nett Change = New Registrations + Change of Address – Deleted Voters

    All the other states experienced a nett decrease in the number of voters including Perak (-5303 voters), Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur (-3487 voters), Selangor (-3425 voters) and Kedah (- 2911 voters). It is ludicrous that Selangor, the state with a growing population and the largest number of unregistered voters, would experience a nett decrease in the number of voters.

    The Election Commission is clearly not doing enough to register new voters. One cannot help but suspect that the Election Commission is NOT aggressively registering new and especially younger voters because this is the segment of the population which is most likely NOT to vote for the ruling coalition. At the same time, the significant increase in the number of nett voters in Terengganu that bucks the overall national trend also seems highly suspicious. It reminds me of the rapid increase in the number of new voters in Terengganu after BN lost control of the state government in 1999. One cannot help but ask if any government agencies such as JASA are involved in registering new voters in Terengganu.

    I once again call upon the Election Commission to restore the right for political parties to register new voters through their Assistant Registrar Officers (AROs). The DAP has shown in the past that we are capable of registering many new voters especially among the younger generation through our service centers, our public events and our voter registration initiatives at public places all over Malaysia. In addition, the percentage of registrations by the DAP which are rejected by the Election Commission has never been significant which shows that the DAP is more than able to carry out voter registration exercises in a responsible manner.

    If the EC fails to restore this right, it is yet another black mark on this supposedly independent institution and shows that the EC is not interested in allowing more Malaysians to participate in the electoral process.

    Dr. Ong Kian Ming
    Member of Parliament for Serdang

    [1] Putrajaya showed an increase of 196 voters.

  • 首相纳吉应探讨自动售检票系统(AFC)失败的原因,而非仅要求增设新的KTM售票柜台



    据8月7日的报道,首相纳吉要求吉隆坡中环火车站的KTM增加人力售票柜台,以便减少民众排队买票的流量。[1] 与其要求KTM增加人力售票柜台,首相应质询交通部为何于2011年所颁发总值8千5百万令吉的自动售检票系统(AFC)合约是完全失败,并造成他自己所观察到吉隆坡中环火车站的排队长龙。同样的现象也发生在巴生谷地区的KTM站。

    回顾2011年,针对颁发给Hopetech有限公司总值达8千5百万令吉的自动售检票系统合约,潘检伟曾质询Hopetech和该公司两名董事的历史纪录,包括为Hopetech的标价远比其他两位竞标者高出18巴仙。[2] 在2013年,潘检伟接着也发表另一个文告要求解释为何没有采用自动售检票系统和呼吁终止Hopetech的合约。[3]




    i) 针对为何Hopetech起初获颁此合约一事展开调查和解释为何该公司无法履行合约里的工作内容

    ii) 要求反贪污局公开为何颁发合约给Hopetech的调查结果(若此属实的话)

    iii) 解释总值达8千5百万令吉的合约里共有多少已付给Hopetech和通过什么样的方式来索取回全部或部分的钱

    iv) 公开身为Hopetech的小股东,马来西亚创投管理有限公司(MavCap)和武装部队基金局(LTAT)的投资损失(附录四)

    v) 向公众解释新合约将被颁发的过程和什么样的措施来进行严格监督以避免重蹈覆辙。



    Appendix 1: Parliamentary Reply to Teo Kok Seong, MP for Rasah

    Appendix 2: Hopetech in the process of being winded up / liquidated

    Appendix 3: Uninstalled and unwrapped AFC ticketing machines in KTM Serdang

    Appendix 4: Ownership of Hopetech Sdn Bhd (Mavcap and LTAT as minority shareholders)

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