On Education 

I believe that we do have the tools – namely resources and human capital – to build a world-class education system of our own in Malaysia. What is standing in the way is the lack of political will and many decades of poor planning and bad policy making.

On The Economy 

When we manage the economy well, and make progress towards a more open, democratic, transparent and fair Malaysia, I believe we will enjoy a tidal wave of expertise and capital from Malaysians currently working and living overseas, setting us off on a virtuous cycle of growth and economic and social development.

On Elections 

The problem of malapportionment is rife in Malaysia, due to the distorted drawing of constituency boundaries during delimitation exercises. The situation is such today that less than 16,000 voters in Putrajaya (the smallest constituency) are represented by one MP, but the same applies to more than 140,000 voters in Kapar.

 Cleaning up the electoral roll and eliminating malapportionment are crucial if voters are to retain faith in the democratic process and for elections to deliver governments that reflect the wishes of the voters.

I was not from a Chinese stream school but I studied in SK La Salle. There were many qualities of a multiracial community which I learnt there and really appreciated. A Malaysian Malaysia, that’s one of the aspirations which we can reach out for.