• UKM should start having open dialogues with its students instead of punishing them for expressing their views

    Media Statement by Dr. Ong Kian Ming, MP for Serdang, on the 27th of June, 2015

    UKM should start having open dialogues with its students instead of punishing them for expressing their views

    On Monday, 29th of June, 2015, the Student Office Affairs at UKM will call up 13 students who were involved in a protest on the 27th of March, 2015, over the issue of water disruptions to a number of residential colleges in the university, some of which had been without water for more than two weeks.

    The freedom to assemble peacefully is enshrined in Article 10.1(b) of the Federal Constitution and the students’ demonstration on the 27th of March, 2015, was definitely peaceful.

    One of the accusations being levelled at the students by UKM is the fact that they handed me a memorandum during the protest on the 27th of March (See Attachment 1). I was informed that the students were organizing this protest and as the MP for Serdang, which UKM is part of, I felt that it was my duty and responsibility to listen to the problems facing the students as a result of these water cuts.

    I was also told that the students had asked UKM to organize a briefing involving SYABAS, the UKM authorities and student representatives so that more information could be given to the students including the reasons behind the water cuts and the possible solutions moving of forward.

    After the protest on the 27th of March, 2015, I wrote to the Vice Chancellor of UKM on the 16th of April (see Attachment 2) to seek for a meeting for us to discuss the best way to work together to solve the water problems in UKM which are not new and has been happening over the past 10 years. Unfortunately, till now, I have not received any information or correspondence from UKM in response to my letter.

    This kind of attitude reflects the larger problem at hand – which is the unwillingness of UKM to engage in an open and transparent dialogue with all the stakeholders including student leaders over an important issue which seriously impacted the well-being of students in the affected residential colleges. Rather than punishing them, the UKM authorities should be working together with the students and other stakeholders such as SYABAS, the local ADUN and MP, the local authority and the state government in order to solve the problem at hand.

    As long as this sort of attitude prevails in our public universities, whatever talk of trying to attain the status of a world class university will be empty rhetoric, devoid of substance. How can a public university speak about attaining academic excellence when it continues to shackle its own students?

    Dr. Ong Kian Ming
    Member of Parliament for Serdang

    Attachment 1: UKM 13: Tatatertib Protes Air

    Attachment 2: UKM 13: Surat 16 April 2015 Krisis Air UKM

  • 4A项目的延迟是否会导致我们迈向2018年的能源危机?



    据上星期The Edge Weekly的报道,SIPP能源在寻求新的合作伙伴,发展4A发电厂项目,因能源委员会已拒绝SIPP能源和国家能源所提呈的电费水平建议书。后者都是通过直接谈判的方式来获得此合约。


    回顾2014年5月31日,能源委员会以直接谈判的方式来颁发4A项目给SIPP能源(51%)与杨忠礼电力和国能来在柔佛兴建一个1000至1400兆瓦的新循环燃气涡轮电力厂(CCGT),原定于2018年6月投产运营。根据能源委员会和能源,绿色工艺及水务部的说法,这个项目希望省下竞争性的竞标以期速战速决的原因是,我国电力储备余量正逐步下降,并会在2018年面临电力挑战。[1] 实际上,该项目在初期阶段就引发各界争议,主要因为整个过程又是跳过公开招标的方式和SIPP能源并没有任何兴建发电厂的记录。最终,杨忠礼电力在2015年6月19日宣布退出,只留下SIPP能源和国能为剩下的两个合作伙伴。


    随着与国能最新被拒绝的报价,The Edge Weekly报道指出SIPP能源有意售出4A项目的51%股权(约3亿令吉)。而这成本大概也会被计算进到下一轮为4A项目提呈的电费率,并造成新建议的电费率会比公开招标的方式更昂贵。


    随着我们在用电高峰时段的实际电力储备于2014年6月一度仅剩9%,因此我国在2018年出现电力短缺危机的可能性是存在的。[2] 一开始决定以直接谈判来颁授4A项目所产生的问题如今已成为能源委员会和能源,绿色工艺及水务部的梦魇。能源委员会应替4A项目进行公开招标以寻找有竞争力的竞标者,以便最有经验的厂商能用最低的价格最来取得这份合约。反之,我们现在所面临的是另一个延迟竣工但急需的发电厂,同时或许导致我国在未来的3年时间内面对电力短缺危机。能源委员会和能源,绿色工艺及水务部在此事责无旁贷。


    [1] http://www.thestar.com.my/Business/Business-News/2014/07/25/TNB-SIPP-Energy-sign-agreement-for-power-plant-project-in-Johor/?style=biz

    [2] http://www.thestar.com.my/Business/Business-News/2015/04/11/Its-the-rakyat-who-will-pay-for-power-plant-delays/?style=biz

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